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Online Game Nakama Script Explanation

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Big thanks to tenshirous (translations), Snowy368 (proofreading), and PineTrii (cleaning)!

It's been very long since I read a romcom manga... (meanwhile, Yomogi Mochi Yaketa: aM I a JoKE tO YoU). So! A new project; Online Game Nakama to Sashi Off Shitara Shokuba no OniJoushi ga Kita, believe it or not, I wrote it straight from my mind without looking at the JP title or mangaupdates. *wheeze*   also translated as; "Arranged an Offline Meeting with My Online Game Friend, but My Demon Boss Came Instead". A challenge to everyone on the team enganged in this project. It's not everyday you are obliged to translate JP>English without proper punctuation HAAHAHA I BET IT'S KILLING SNOWY THROUGHOUT THE PROOFREADING PROCESS. ))-: snowysnowy are you okay snowy.

tenshirous: "Okay can i go crazy translating Online Game without full stop (.) and adding abbreviation+shortened words."
Me: *cold sweating*

tenshirous legit had a hard time translating the slangs, but hey buddy, you nailed it!

PineTrii did a great job cleaning these chapters! Salute to you, bro!

1. Left Alignment

Using left alignment to typeset a manga? The typesetter is dying here! The Box-Dialogue is one of the main parts in the manga. We aren't doing this without a good reason! We're following the JP format in fact. I hope we're doing this right! (no mitch youre doing this left)

2. ww -> lolol
In case you didn't know this yet; the romanized-w in Japanese is adopted from 笑 (wara = laugh). In slang-English, the closest interpretation is "LOL". In this manga, the author uses ww or www more often than a single w, hence you'll find lolol more common here.

3. Shortened Words

Aight this one is tricky. Not...every shortened word we translated were actually "shortened" in the original JP version. However, the screenshot above, the "ま?" (ma) that comes from マジ (maji = seriously), is one of the examples which shows that "shortened-words" do, actually, exist in this manga. Hence we translated it into "Rlly?"

But in some cases, like "Btw" (ちなみに), SRSLY (マジかよ), they weren't actually shortened in the original JP ver, but y'all know how people love to text that way *especially guys* . The Japanese of "Seriously" only consists of two katakanas, compared to the 9-letters of "Seriously" or 6-letters of "Really", the English's are surely more of a hassle to type! I hope you don't mind it.

4. Using capital for the first letter in Box-Dialogue

Normally, if the sentence above wasn't cut into two boxes, it'd be like this "Btw, that boss is beside me right now." right? But imagine you were typing on discord using your phone.

Btw, that boss

Is beside me right now

You bet hunny your phone would automatically capitalize the first letter!

Alright, so I guess that's all we gotta say? We'd love to hear your feedback if you have any!

I'd love to write my rants about the first 5 chapters (26 pages) but for the love of god I've read the entire manga for more than seven times already the jokes are starting to lose their effect on me oH NOOOOO. OH NOOO I LOVE THIS MANGA SO MUCH THOUGH!!!!!!!!!


Meanwhile, 130 (another of our Cleaner): "I wouldn't know what to do if I were in Hashimoto's position."

I don't think I'd like to imagine my life like that either.

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