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Paranoid Love Ch.10

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Big thanks to Myth (translations), Shirt (proofreading), Thiedes (cleaning), and Aerith Snow (typesetting)!

Welcome to Huffly Parfait Scans, Shirt!

A new individual in the community! We're happy you picked Huffly Parfait as your first team! AND MAAN I'M GLAD TO FIND ANOTHER MDZS FAN! We really hope to find you more often in our discord server, Shirt!

And thank you to MadHatter for translating one dialogue in this chapter! "Finally! On the last leg of my university journey,"

We tried very hard...The Trio M (Myth, MH, Mitch) have tried our best to convey that dialogue into English...
*sobbing sobbing* Hope you guys don't find it disappointing wink wink.

So happy to see Lin You again... It's been what, 84 YEARS?!?!?!

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