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keksi is Back!!! (Bittersweet Ch.1)

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KEKSI IS BACK WITH A NEW PROJECT KYAAAA!!! Bittersweet is the name! A fantasy series?! Seriously?! If I think about it again... we rarely ever take a fantasy series. This is such a surprise for us...

Big thanks to keksi (translations), Snowy368 (proofreading), and Aerith Snow (cleaning)!

Wow, we have two "Snow"s here. Is it winter already?!!!!!!

So we have Parasié, Segeunian, and Labeony. Keksi, Snowy, and probably I idk if i even helped thought so hard about the names. Thanks guuuyyss!

Well not much can be said about this series yet but I certainly love the black-haired guy. wOW EVER SINCE WHEN I AM MORE TOWARDS BLACK-HAIRED CHARACTERS.


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