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DJ Release

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DJ Release

Truth be told, if you were to ask me who my no.1 favorite 2D guy is, I'd answer with; "Amuro Tooru" HAHHAHAHAHAHA. So honestly, for Huffly Parfait to be working on a Detective Conan doujinshi, it wasn't a surprising thing at all, at least for me. It was something I've already had in mind, after all.

This doujinshi, Yoake no Uta by Gusari, has been in my possession since 2016. That was around the time where "The Darkest Nightmare" had just been released, wasn't it? So being an AKAM fan I am, I bought it for my personal collection. "I can't read this, though! And heck the Japanese seems hard to translate!" So I kinda waited for someone/a scans group to translate it????? But how is it that no one has translated it yet even after 5 years later????????????????????????????? I AM CONFUSION. So like 3 days ago, I suggested this dj in our server group and gUESS WHAT.

GUESS WHAT?????????/

I LOVE YOU TWO. I LOVE HUFFLY PARFAIT TEAM SO MUCH **AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH**. Thank you for being so welcoming to my selfish request!

Tenshirous is a fan of Detective Conan, too! While Ades is a fan of Gusari! BIG WIN FOR US.

About this "no reuploading" statement... Well, how do I start. Call me a hypocrite, I'll take the blame fully if you're annoyed with this no reuploads stuff. Tldr; it's the least we can do to respect the author. We're so sorry, ぐさりさん!

If someone ends up reuploading this on any websites, then... Honestly, the first thing that'll come to my mind is; "This must be karma, dammit!"

P.s I have another AKAM dj by pinkch
What does that mean, Huffle? What are you trying to do by saying that???

If you're wondering why the team didn't just decide to translate this DJ if I really did have this book alrdy in 2016, then the answer'd be... "BUT THERE WASN'T A FAN OF DC YET ON OUR TEAM EXCEPT FOR ME BACK THEN!!!!!!!!" and I was prolly still worried about this..."What genre are we scanlating again? shoujo? Huffly Parfait focuses on shoujo, right?"

But now I'm like-- YOLO, MAN!



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