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A New Project! Shui Shen by Piao Ti Ya!

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So about Shui Shen, we've actually announced about this on our ko-fi page around 5 months ago hHAHAHA and at that time we had started the typesetting part too! But what the hell is happening here?? Why is it only released now?! What's wrong with you, Huffly Parfait Scans?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big thanks to Patti from Misty Rain Scans for the RAWs! Heralia for the translations, Shirt for the proofreading, and Spark for the cleaning!

We'd really like to thank Misty Rain Scans for the chance they've given us to work on this project! Even though this isn't a joint project, but they kindly provided us with the RAWs too so-- WHOA, thank you so much! We'll do our best to continue your legacy!

As for Heralia Shirt and Spark, man how time sure flies.They're no longer a part of our team but your fun personalities (yea all three of you) and hard work will always be remembered. Thank you so much for helping us with Chapter 5!

Can't wait to read more about our stubborn water god and beloved female protagonist!

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