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Another Post Update, Wow! (Gunjou Ch.10)

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A weird time to write a blog post but screw it I've mISSED WRITING FOR HUFFLY PARFAIT FOR TOO MUCH!!!!!!! TOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!! Whassup everybody this is Huffle speaking welcome to our blog.

hEEYY LOOK AT THAT! Our last post was about Gunjou too! WHATS WITH THIS COINCIDENCE?!!!!! Been three months since Ch.9 huh? Hahha sorry about that. We'll try to finish Gunjou Vol.3 in one-go (please don't believe this sentence).

Anyways, it's November already. Crazy how 2020 is almost gone *just like that*. Olympic is gonna be held in 2021, wonder how it's gonna fold out. ...Time sure flies... Man, this world is crazy. AmongUs hype was crazy. Crazily good. Genshin is good. Good crazy. Great goose what am I trying to say here.

Big thanks to Tụ (translation), Milky & Snowy368 (proofreading), and Myth (cleaning)! Everyone diD AWESOME! I CANT THANK YOU GUYS ENOUGH!!!!! And!!!! This isn't a joint project, but we'd love to express our gratitude to Otaku Fansub - Shoujo Kingdom (VT scans group) who offers us translation&PR-help for Gunjou Reflection Vol.3! Sorry it took us so long to release this chapter *SOBSOBS* BUT HEY IT'S FINALLY OUT, BUDDY!!!!!!

Check them out guys!

I feel like I have so much to say bc I don't know when else I would write on this blog.
Remember those days when I almost always wrote a big chunk of paragraphs for each update? Yeah that sure was a good old time... Is that habit gonna end just like this- because I'm too lazy to write now? That is so sad. Hahha growing up feels natural, getting old feels weird.

  • Pg.12 Ren: "I'll be there. I'll help you out." Konno: "precISELY BECAUSE YOURE THERE THAT IM JEALOUS." yes please
  • Pg.15 Yuzuru actually speaks in Kansai dialect a bit here, but we're not entirely sure how to express that in English. ...Like what, make it Texans? We're not sure. So yea that's the explanation.
  • Pg.20 ngl smol Giovanni looks like smol ren with hat.
  • Pg.27-28 into your arm bbbyyyyyy
  • Sakai Mayu-sensei's crying eyes are just so painful to see yo.
  • Pg.32 no she's not ok
  • Pg.33 she's ok now
We have so much to scream about in Vol.5
wait yea i know i know, that's still far away but still gUNJOU VOL5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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