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Introducing: New Websites

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Welcome to Huffly Parfait's blog!

This website will only be used to voice our thoughts and experiences while working on the releases. For the download link, you can check our
tumblr and main website!

"Main Website?! I thought your WordPress was terminated?! Did you get it back?"

SADLY, NO WE DIDN'T. And I don't think we'll ever come back to WordPress. Hahahaha.

..........well now I'm sad again. The saddest thing is that I don't think anybody understands how painful it is to lose that website. Yes I know I can rant out loud anywhere, yes I know I can retrieve our Retired Staff names by accessing web.archieve, but here's the thing you see... I'd been with hufflypuff for 7 years and 7 months. I'd written so many posts that I bet people no longer cared what I posted anymore bc the topic might've become repetitive hahahaha I didn't care if no one wrote us a comment I didn't care if our view-static was low, but here's the thing- those posts I made... I made them while I was feeling heart-broken, tired with this world, exhausted after working on 30+pg nonstop for days, being in my kinda-lowest point in life back in 2016, being lost of what exactly I wanted to strive for... I made them while I was feeling happy, excited, curious of how the story of our projects would turn out, being crazy about some handsome male leads... I made them with all my heart.

Because one day, I want to look back at what I've done throughout my life...without forgetting the process and the feelings I went through. Without forgetting the people I walked with in the process.

You know why I always wrote "Big thanks to..."? You can see the names on the credit page of the chapter, you might think I didn't need to write their names for three times (credit page, hufflypuff, and tumblr) but for the love of god that's just how I am you see. There will always be a day where I re-read my posts and think: "Oh! So for Hare to Mononoke Ch.1 the proofreader was Snowy! Now I remember she was confused with the dialogues here and there! MadHatter was busy at the time they were translating this chapter, right? And I remember Thiedes helped us with Ch.2!"

I want to remember them. I want to remember my comrades and our stories.
Because I know someday we will part ways. Because my responsibility is in Huffly Parfait and I am bound to it.

But they aren't.

...I said the saddest thing is nobody understands my feelings right now, but I'm taking it back, the saddest thing in this case is still the fact that I lost hufflypuff for real and forever.


Alright alright! Man I've become so sappy! And sorry that I used the name of Huffly Parfait Scans to convey my feelings, that's kinda not fair. But at least it's still about HP!!!!!

So for our new website, we're using and no .com for us yet haAAAHAHAHHA. After almost 8 years, Huffle?! Still no .com?!!? WELL YOU KNOW WHAT I AINT THAT RICH TO SPEND MY MONEY ONLY FOR THE SAKE OF A WEBSITE, we accept donation tho hahhaha! Just- just wish us luck okay. And we need our readers' support too.

Thank you for everything, WordPress.
Thank you for the comments too, Readers.

We'll be waiting for your visit on!!!


Updated (Oct 13th 2020)

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