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Two Chapters! ...Entering the 9th Year?!

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What?! What 9th year?!

Before we dive into the 'side' topic, now we have PL Ch.11 and Ameagari Ch.7 for you! LIN YOU IS SO HANDSOME!!! And Kanade&Mashiro's relationship is very wholesome.


Big thanks to MadHatter & Myth (translations), Shirt (proofreading), and 130 (cleaning)!

Gawrsh a new character in Paranoid Love-- a white haired guy!!!!!!!!!!!! Will he be a good guy? Will he be on the bad side? One thing for sure is that Lin You is gonna protecc Mang Mang no matter what!!!

Ameagari real progress for now. But what a tooth-rotting fluff chapter this one! Make sure to flip another page of their love story!

Enjoy the chapters!

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Awww man we didn't get to release any chapter back on my birthday. And I heard 0520 is something like a Valentine's Day in China? That's awesome! That's the first I heard about it. Thank you, Myth, for telling me! (WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL THESE YEARS, HUFFLE?!)

Aside from being sad that Huffly Parfait failed to give any contribution on 0520, I'm amused to find out that this year...makes it my 9th year celebrating my birthday as a scanlator. No, not my scanlator-anniversary, just- I started being one in...November? October? 2011. And if my math was right, then I've gone through 0520 as a scanlator for 9 times.

"Dedicated much?"-me to myself.

I can get bored in the middle of doing the dishes within minutes and leave them unwashed for all I care, but this-- BUT THIS?!?!?!

Anyways, years ago I spent my bday posts writing about being thankful to all of the staffs in Huffly Parfait, past and present. And you know what, right now- I *am* still going to write about it haha, so... Thank you. Thank you for staying with me through thick and thin. This group is a small one, I'm surprised we keep being low-key even after all this time. *WHEEZE* I apologize if what you're looking for isn't in Huffly Parfait, be it fame, endless chatters on discord, cool and talented people, perhaps we have none of that (the talented staffs in Parfait Team: "sO YoU ThInK Im NoT TaLeNTED?!?!"). But nevertheless- no matter how small your help is, I greatly appreciate your stay.

I'm glad to have met and worked with over 65 people around the globe. I'm glad to find this community is improving. So many creative people produce HQ-scans nowadays (Haikyuu scans?? No no i mean high-quality scans). The fonts they use, the RAWs size that they release, the accuracy of the translations... You guys, scanlators, are amazing.

Though, not gonna lie, I've been sipping too many teas lately that I'm starting to get fed up by... teas.

To you, scanlators, perhaps my message is just this: Your life, your story. Each era has its own problem. Just... make sure you don't get blind in the middle of this road. Remember what your intention is as a scanlator. If your intention is good, then, hopefully, life will make it good for you too. We may be gray, we may be illegal even though we don't make profits- but is your intention bad? It's all back to you.

Just kidding i have so many messages in store.

Speaking of retiring (who? who's talking about retiring??!).
CAN I MAKE IT TO A DECADE!?!??!?! Find out the answer in 2021!!

I'm not surprised if I fail to reach a decade, honestly.

See you in another post! Sorry about the personal story under Huffly Parfait, really.

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